Great chickens and great people!
— April 13, 2014 | Lynn & Enest Kooistra
Just completed the first week with our Pullets. They are great, very healthy and good around our kids and two dogs. Picking the chickens up was very easy, Jon and his helpers were great. I will be getting all my future Pullets from Jon.
— April 3, 2014 | Eric L
Great chickens, beautiful farm, nice guy, lovely family. What else do you need to know?
— April 3, 2014 | Jon Ross
My twin brother Paul and I drove from Old Lyme, CT in his jeep to pickup 4 pullets on March 23, 2014. Jonathan and his helpers (his beautiful children Ethan and Abram, Ella and Anna and by the way I’m also a twin) were experts in chasing down the hens and boxing them for me. Today they had a nice fire greeting us as it was a little chilly. The new pullets are in their new home and loving it. Thanks Moser Family for healthy beautiful pullets. I recommend everyone to purchase their pullets from the Moser Family Farm!
— March 23, 2014 | Mark A. Kramm
We ordered 4 chickens for our backyard project with the kids. Jon Moser and his family was very nice and his chickens are great. thank you for the chickens they are just what we needed.
— March 22, 2014 | The Kimball's
I just wanted to say that back in April 2013 I got 2 hens - it now January 23rd and my hens are still laying - I do not have any artificial light. Is this normal? They are great - so glad I got them!!!
— January 23, 2014 | Debbie R
I brought home 6 girls about 4.5 weeks ago and John was very helpful and made sure that I knew how to Handel the chickens both him and his family where very friendly. On of the girls laid it’s first egg and THE first egg I’ve ever gotten on October 28. The girls are soooo friendly but at first my older brother thought that all of the girls hated him because he would try to feed them out of his hand and they wouldn’t take the food but when I feed them from my hand the food was gone. But today we went out to check the girls and two where on top of the coop and my brother got them to sit on top of both of his arms and he had the biggest smile on his face. Even my mom who is scared of chickens and thinks they will bite her has gone and pet the girls after I forced her to. They are very friendly. And we’ve gotten two eggs so far.
— October 29, 2013 | Tuuli Mix
To elaborate on Brooke’s comment... John had given us an extra hen, on top of the dozen chickens we took home. The chiken had a broken leg and John explained to Brooke that she may not make it. We came home, gave her a bath and lots of extra care! The first couple days we needed to carry her to the food and water, then carry her back to the pen at night. Well, we only needed to do this a couple days. Peg got stronger and stronger every day and is now walking almost perfectly on her peg leg! The hens all have great temperaments but Peg is always the first one to greet you. She nudges my leg to pick her up and she likes to drink from cup.

We also took a rooster. I was reluctant at first for many reasons and John explained the importance of having a rooster. He helped us pick out a rooster to fit our needs and I love him (Duke)! Our neighbor may not, but we do :) For the most part, they are a quiet bunch. It took about a month before they started laying eggs but they are producing more and more eggs every day. They know when I open the door on our upper deck that they are about to get a treat and do they get excited! Brooke spends about a half an hour a day with them and we let them roam around the yard a couple hours a day just before dark. They go right back to the pen when you call them!

They eat the weeds and have fun teasing our two labs. We were worried about the dogs because they are trained bird dogs but it only took about a week to trust them with the hens. I highly recommend this families chickens!
— October 16, 2013 | Brooke's Mom
Dear Jon, the chicken with the broken leg, is in great shape, I named her peg, and she is walking perfectly normal just like all of the other hens! Also we have gotten 3 eggs so far!
— October 8, 2013 | Brooke Distante
Hi! We are thrilled with the hens we got from your farm last week. They are settlling in nicely to the flock, and are beautiful, healthy animals. We are able to pick them up and carry them around easily. We’ve just started letting them out of their enclosure, and yesterday one hen even jumped up onto my lap when she was ready to go back in her coop! We’re looking forward to many delicous brown eggs from these critters! Thank you for your commitment to organic agriculture, its appreciated!! ~ The Clements Family
— August 12, 2013 | Adrienne
We recently picked up 5 hens. Jon was great and very helpful. We were very pleased with the whole experience. I would definitely recommend purchasing from Jon and plan on doing so again myself in the future. We have only had our chickens for a few weeks and they have already started producing!
— July 26, 2013 | Steve
My husband and I were looking all over for laying hens that were not too young but were not having any luck. We called John this morning and he said we could come right over and pick up some chickens, which was very convenient. I am a firm believer in natural and organic and I was very happy to see the chickens free range. The farm was also very clean! Very pleased, we will definitely be in contact in the future!
— July 6, 2013 | Jennifer Smith
Scott and I visited with Jon at the farm today and purchased 5 chickens. We arrived home safe and sound and they seem very happy in their new home. I could not have enjoyed my Sat. more than to see Jon and his children enjoying their farm and they were so welcoming and showed us their beautiful barn! I absolutely recommend anyone to go have a visit to their farm for a wonderful experience. Also I loved to see their children involved in catching our new chickens - they were so sweet!!!!!!
— July 6, 2013 | Kathy and Scott
Our visit to Moser Farms was a moment to remember ! We could not believe that your children were so active in helping you put together our new flock. It reminded me of my visits to my aunt in Canada. As a youngster her 13 children were all involved in many aspects of farm life. To see your guys pitch in like they did, was a breath of fresh air. It was obvious that they thoroughly enjoyed what they were doing. It was truly a magical experience. thank you.
— July 1, 2013 | Tony and Sherry Leone
We stopped by today to look at some of the girls, we had to remove our rooster from our home because a neighbor complained about his crowing. Jon was very helpful and welcomed our rooster into his family to live out the rest of his life on his farm, with all those girls! He was very helpful and we are so happy our rooster will be happy living there. meanwhile the girls we took to our home are fitting in very well. he offered us to stop by any time to visit our rooster. Thank You so much Jon!
— June 29, 2013 | Al & Lynne
I got three pullets from you a year ago, and just wanted to give you an update on how they are doing. They have been healthy and happy, and continue to lay well. With supplemental daylight, I continued to get an egg a day on most days from each hen throughout the winter. The ladies were very friendly from day one, and continue to be sweet and easy to handle. They are good foragers, and are especially enjoying their newly expanded yard. These ladies are curious and lively, and not content to stay in the coop and away from the action, even on the coldest or rainiest days. They have been a real pleasure, and were a perfect start into the world of chickens.
— June 13, 2013 | Kelly
Our four girls are doing great! They each lay an egg a day! They are great foragers and very friendly. They are very interesting to watch frolick around the yard, come when called and are very gentile. We know who to recommend to anyone looking to raise chickens! Many thanks.
— June 22, 2013 | Karen G
I just wanted to drop you a note about your chickens that we picked up. What beautiful and docile birds they are great foragers but go right back to the coop when prompted. They’re great layers, were getting an egg a day(lots of double yokes). Everyone who has chickens to see these are a little jealous and comment on their size and temperment. I bought these for a friend to restart his flock and now I’m thinking I’m going to start my own. so I guess I’ll see you in the Spring. Thanks again.
— May 23, 2013 | Craig Benson
This was my second time back to buy some more chickens. Jon’s farm is beautiful and clean. All of his chickens are very friendly and easy to raise. Keep up the good work.
— May 15, 2013 | Josh Murray
The girls I picked up all started laying on the same day last week and haven’t stopped, They are great foragers, and extremely raised well up to point of lay I recommend these birds to anyone!!
— May 13, 2013 | Al
We picked up four chickens last weekend! We are so happy with the new members of our family. Jon was very welcoming and has a very clean farm. The chickens are very healthy and doing great in their new home. We appreciate the effort this family to provide other with top quality chickens & eggs. We are happy to have me you :)
— May 5, 2013 | Karen
Jon, just want to say thank you for the experence at your farm. I picked up five 19 week old pullets on APRIL 20, 2013. TWO HOURS LATER we had our first egg. A double yoke. The hens adapted very quickly. You are a gentleman and your twin girls are adorable. Chickens are interesting to watch. The hens LOVE grapes. I can get them to go anywhere if they see me with grapes. You have a nice clean farm. Thanks again.
— April 24, 2013 | Jim & Laura from Cheshire
Had to say thank you once again. The chickens (named Annabelle, Adriana, and Nugget) are all doing well. I was shocked that we even started getting eggs the very next day after they came home. They are happy and very healthy. It was a pleasure doing business with you and will recommend you and your chickens to all.
— April 23, 2013 | The Barry Family
Hello Jon, after having the the little girls for a week, I just want to comment on how well they are adapting to their new environment. So far I have collected several eggs (about - 2 dozen) and it is great to see that they have started earning their keep. Jon, you made the process so easy and seamless, you run a well organized, clean and roomy farm. I felt as though I was truly buying ‘Free Range Chickens’ It was a pleasure doing business with you, and you can rest assured that I will be back and further, I will have no reservation recommending your business to anyone.
— April 21, 2013 | Emma
Jon, I am amazed that one of the six ladies I picked up today laid an egg during the 40 minute ride home,a sure sign of many more to come.
— April 20, 2013 | Sean Terwilliger