A great pleasure doing business, The pullets settled in well with our little flock and are all getting along, they look GREAT and your farm is very clean and up kept, and well mannered intelligent children and family, keep up the great work and we well be seeing you again!
— April 18, 2013 | Al
What a great farm you have. We are very happy with the 6 hens we purchased and I think I want another 6. They adjusted well and we can’t wait for our first eggs! It was a very nice experience and you will be seeing us again.
— April 16, 2013 | Paul Avena
What a great experience; the chickens we took home are happy and healthy. My children loved meeting your young helpers and got a kick out of the entire farm experience. Many thanks for all you do in our state! I will see you soon for some lamb!
— April 15, 2013 | Barrie Lobo
What a positive experience we had this morning! We found our way to the farm this morning and were truly happy with what we found! Right after we made our way to the chickens, the kids were bringing us girls to meet and hold...cutest thing ever ! in fact our entire experience was handled by the kids....they brought us all ten of our girls...helped load them in the car and took care of the fee...themselves !!! Very very impressed. the last couple times we bought new birds, it was from a local feed store...impersonal...almost felt as if we were troubling the employees . not at all like that today ! You and your family show what small family run farms mean to the communities they are in ! We drove away feeling inspired...my two kids were smiling the entire morning ! also ....sending out big love to rusty...he and my son bonded right away...great dog! All ten girls are settling in to their new surroundings quite nicely...and no kidding...three hours after they went into coop/run area...my daughter found one in the nesting boxes... sitting on an egg ! was not expecting that for at least couple weeks. We would like to thank you for a great morning...keep doing what you are doing...the world needs more of this !
— April 13, 2013 | Bob, Theresa, Liam and Abaigh O'Brien
We picked 6 girls yesterday and much more! Very happy with the girls and with Jon. (Cutest kids ever and so polite) Already got our first egg last night and it huge!! Bigger then the jumbo bought at the store. The girls are so friendly and sweet. I just cant beleive how good they are. I dont have to chase them around and they are not scared of us. Last night was the first time i got to hold a chicken. Our last chickens where not around people I guess.. This is our second year with chickens and by far the best experience. We will definately be back with our daughter so she can see all the chickens, chicks and sheep. Thanks again Jon for all your help and advise! Henry will be starting on the new pen today. Thank you again and God bless..
— March 30, 2013 | Stacey and Henry Raymond
We love our 5 girls!! They are very healthy and producing 4-5 eggs per day- most extra large and in nice shades of brown. They also are friendly and very fond of sunflower seeds! Our daughter also got 2 hens when we did and she is very happy with hers also. We would definitely buy from you again!
— March 9, 2013 | Cindy Kallgren
— January 1, 2013 | HB, MADISON
I bought 3 hens from the Mosers this summer. The girls are healthy, docile, lay jumbo eggs and this late in the season I am still getting 3 eggs every day with only natural daylight. My barred rock hens have never produced this well. The Moser Farm is beautiful and well kept. There is only one thing that I wish they could/would do differently and that is trimming their beaks.
— November 15, 2012 | Arlis
just picked up our gals last Saturday the farm was pristine jon and his kids were very helpful and friendly. the ladies are settling in well and we look forward to adding to our flock next spring. we will definitely be repeat customers!
— September 18, 2012 | jenn holden
Picked up 8 pullets near the end of August. Farm is beautiful and very well maintained. Both Jon and his children were very friendly and we got a kick out of the children gathering up the birds for us. Very healthy,vibrant looking flock and our birds have stayed that way since getting them home. As these birds were raised by a family, not much bothers them, which is great! Will be back to get more birds as the need arises.
— September 12, 2012 | Chris
We picked up our 8 pullets end of August and they are doing wonderfully. These are our first chickens and we couldn’t be happier, they’re very friendly. We were very very pleased with the farm (extremely clean!) and the whole experience. My daugther was allowed to help pick some girls from the flock and bring them out and Jon also gave her a ride in his yard car along with his children. Jon and his family are very friendly and the birds are healthy. I would recommend them to anyone looking to start or increase their flock, they’re beautiful birds. Thank you Jon and your children!!
— September 8, 2012 | Donna Smith
To: Jon & family,
I picked up 6 pullets on 08/25/2012 and they have settled nicely into my neices already established flock of (7) various birds. My neice is very attentive to the newcomers and has named them all. These girls are extremely friendly and have had no issues migrating into an established flock.
Jon, thank you again for the most worthwile experience that I can think of. Your property is beautiful and is a showcase as far as a sales point of view with clean and subtle surroundings.
I will definately come to see you again when the need arises.
— August 31, 2012 | Robin Braman
I live in the Midwest and came to find the Moser Family operation almost by accident when I came out for a wedding. What struck me immediately was just how much different the Moser Family operation is compared to the gluttonous factory farms of the Midwest. There is none of the raucous machinery of a factory farm but the mood harkens back to a simpler time and place when farmers really cared about their livestock. I noticed several hens roaming completely free to come and go at their pleasure. When I asked Jon about these hens he told me they were retired and living out their last days in retirement. Wow! I observed various animals living in a sort of symbiotic relationship shown by the retired hens perching on top of wooly sheep to stay cozy and warm. I was told even the dog Rusty helps take care of the chickens. The whole family pitches in and you really need to spend an afternoon at the farm to appreciate it. While taking a clutch of Jon’s ladies back to the Midwest was out of the question, (Can you imagine what TSA would say about live chickens in the security line?), we will definitely keep track of Moser Farms because it is truly unique.
— August 27, 2012 | tkschaefer
We picked up one hen when we found out that the RIR that we ordered from a hatchery was a rooster. We ended up finding a new home for him, and were able to replace him with a new pullet from the Moser farm. We’ve had her for 2 days now (her name is Fern). We have yet to learn a bit more about her, but she is very docile and friendly, and seems clean and healthy. Jon was extremely helpful answering our questions and spent time with us when picking her up. The farm is clean and well-kept, and it’s nice to know that I’m supporting a small and healthy family farm!
— August 27, 2012 | Haley
We picked up 4 RIR hens to start our little backyard flock out. Jon and family was more than helpful. I will definitely be going back in the future.
— August 27, 2012 | Jason
Very excited to get 2 more pullets today. Thank you Moser Farms!
— August 24, 2012 | Anthony Tata
We picked up 20 little ladies from Jon and family this past june. They were a great little addition to our farm. Perfect in every way. Well behaved and friendly. Jon was more than helpful as he waited for us to get our closing and held the pullets for a little while longer than thought. But it all worked out and they were laying before we could catch our breaths. Thanks for all the help and looking forward to a rooster.
— July 5, 2012 | Mark and Brooke
WE bought 7 hens from the Mosers in June. 6 are doing well and we have had some laying eggs already, including one who is laying HUGE eggs, bigger than the white large eggs I usually buy from the grocery store. One of our birds is ill the last few days and will not eat or drink and is having problems standing up. I have a feeling we will lose her, much to my son’s dismay. We isolated her from the rest of the flock and called Jon. He agreed to replace her free of charge when they get their next group of hens in August.
— June 26, 2012 | Laura
I am very pleased with the chickens that I purchased from you. All six chickens are laying large brown eggs that are of excellent quality and good table fare. They are friendly and healthy birds that I know even the school children enjoy to visit and watch them. Thanks again.
— June 20, 2012 | Rev. Mark O'Donnell
Drove 3 hours for a dozen hens. A little worried as they say a chicken gets its attitude the first few weeks. Have to say.......So worth the drive!! The price was great, the hens beautiful and are super friendly!!! And I must say you would never even know it was a farm. So clean!!! Obvious signs of love and attention shown to the hens:) Will so recommend to everyone and will do business again!!
— June 17, 2012 | The Sanborn's
Picked up 21 pullets last weekend—-awesome as they are already starting to lay! Cleanest place we’ve been to. Very friendly, animals all looked healthy and happy. Got a kick out of the kids going in to fetch up the birds for us :) Would definitely buy more birds in the future. Highly recommend for anyone!
— June 16, 2012 | Matthew and Tracy DeBarber
Picked up 5 ladies on June 2nd (a week early from our scheduled date - the Mosers were very accomodating to that) and I have nothing but positive feedback on them all. Angela was super nice on our day of pickup and answered any questions we had being first time chicken owners. We let the ladies acclimate to their new coop and pen for a full week before letting them out to free range around the yard and they return to their coop each night with no incident. They are very docile and friendly as noted and are becoming moreso towards us each day. Beautiful birds and a great experience overall - we will certaily return to the Moser farm for additional birds as needed and would recommend them to anyone interested in starting or adding to a flock. Can’t wait for our first eggs! Thank you so much!
— June 12, 2012 | Deb & Don W.
We bought 3 pullets in April. They are happy and healthy and laying eggs every day. I would, without hesitation, recommend the Mosers to anyone that is starting a laying flock or adding to their existing hens. Our ladies are docile, friendly and very entertaining! The Mosers helped to make our first experience with back yard poultry a very positive one!!
— May 31, 2012 | Nancy Sylvester
Picked up 8 girls on 4/7 and had some laying eggs within the first month. Today we get about 8 eggs a day. We share with our family and neighbors and eat alot too, they are sooooo good! The chickens are friendly, healthy and just fun to watch, makes us chuckle. If you are thinking of getting some I highly suggest you do as they are not a lot of work and they are quite enjoyable.
— May 31, 2012 | Ruth and Doug
I picked up (1) pullet in early April. We named her Ellie,because she came from Ellington. This week 5/14/2012,Ellie turned 22 weeks old,and started laying consistently every day. Sue/I love her and the other birds we have. The Moser family are very nice people and have a beautiful farm, I am very happy I found this farm,will definately recommend and use again.
— May 19, 2012 | Jeff K.