Picking up little eggs all over the coop and pacing them in the laying boxes so they get the idea of where to lay! they are very pleasant girls...!!!
— May 7, 2012 | david
UPDATE: I’m very excited to say we found our first egg today! Not sure which one of the 5 girls laid it but hopefully they’ll all follow her lead and start laying!
— May 2, 2012 | Bobby
UPDATE: Got our first egg 3 days ago, 3weeks after getting the girls. One each day following. Now just waiting on the others.
— April 30, 2012 | Doug and Cindy
Hey David, great to hear you’ve got 2 eggs. so far nothing from our girls but keep us posted. were going to keep a closer eye on ours now and hopefully we’ll see something soon.
— April 30, 2012 | bobby
Picked up 6 girls on 4/7! and just got 2 little eggs today. they really should not be laying for another month but I am glad they started early!
— April 30, 2012 | david
Just picked up our 4 girls this past weekend and brought them back to RI. This is our first flock and the kids are excited. Mr. Moser was very helpful and the girls are getting along great. They slept in pairs in laying boxes last night. The previous night, all 4 in one box....pretty funny. Can’t wait till they start laying eggs.
— April 11, 2012 | Doug and Cindy
We just visited the farm to pick up 5,15 week old hens! This is our first time raising chickens and we are very excited. The chickens are beautiful and look happy. We can’t wait for them to hopefully start laying eggs in a month or two. The Moser family have a beautiful farm ,if we lived closer (were from Rhode Island) i’m sure my kids would visit often to see the animals in a nice environment like they were meant to be.
— April 8, 2012 | bobby
We picked up a half-dozen birds last year, got them acclimated and all started laying by winter. With the mild weather and a light set up on a timer we were - and are still - consistently getting 5-6 eggs a day. Good size and great tasting eggs!

The birds are tame, healthy, happy and great to spend time with. One loves to perch on your shoulder while you tend to the coop(not fun when her feet are muddy!). Think we will be adding to the flock this year, and starting on their own site...Guinness’ Chicken Coop
— March 25, 2012 | Guinness
Hi, I love coming to your farm to get fresh eggs. I love being there in the wide open spaces and looking around your beautiful hobby farm. Thanks for putting up this website, and blog so we can share with others also. Your eggs are great, corn is great also. I live nearby town, your farm is #1 in my eyes.
— February 27, 2012 | Karen G.
We purchased four chickens last May 2011 and the hens are laying eggs since Sept 2011 1-3 eggs/day. The Moser family are friendly and nice and he even gave me enough food to last for a month!
— January 25, 2012 | Phil Snell
The best eggs in CT by far, I am from the islands and we eat nothing but fresh eggs, so I know a few thing about it. These eggs are much healthier and larger than store bought eggs and it feels good to know that the chickens that lays them are happy. Keep up the great work (Moser Farm).
— January 20, 2012 | Alex
Having grown up in New York City, I never gave much thought to how eggs were produced. I always thought they just “appeared” in the grocery store. When I heard about the Moser Family Farm freerange eggs; I was a bit skeptical. After all, grocery store, Grade A eggs should be as good as it gets. Could not have been more off on this one. These (Moser Farm) eggs are noticeably different. They are larger and heavier (for their size) than any eggs that I have experienced. The shells are harder and the eggs when, placed in a pan, have considerablly more depth-the yolk is high above the white. I am no egg expert, but I could easily tell the Moser Farm eggs from store bought every time. The best part about these eggs is they taste much better. Taste may be subjective; but if you try them I am sure you will agree these are by far, the best eggs that you have ever had. Thank you Moser Family for producing such wholesome and delicious eggs.
— January 17, 2012 | Mike
Hi there! Oooh yeah, these eggs are GOOD! no wait...they are GREAT! The farm stand (Moser Family) is a pleasure to ‘deal’ with - and you can be rest assured their eggs are the freshest! No need to go anywhere else, ever!

Now, that being said, you’re looking for “Feedback” from us? Well, let me clue you in... you’re not getting your Feed back! I never got any Feed from you folks to begin with (just Great Eggs!) so I have no Feed to give back? Sorry! Keep up the GREAT STAND!
— January 5, 2012 | Dean
We have purchased a bunch chickens from the Moser family mid-summer. Not only are they healthy, great looking chickens but they are great egg layers. No exaggeration that some days we get more eggs from that coop than we have chickens. We enjoyed them so much we built more coops and bought a bunch more from Jon. We enjoyed working with Jon and his family. I will definately buy from them again! I felt that I was working with an honest, trustworthy farmer who loved what he was doing.
— January 4, 2012 | Margaret Boisture
Moser family: I really enjoy having chickens and when they lay fresh eggs. Thanks for all your help getting me setup.
— January 3, 2012 | Anthony
Hi there! Your website is so nice (what a good idea!) and the photos are beautiful! I just got 6 doz eggs Tuesday, your eggs are the best! I hope you all had a very lovely Christmas (or whatever you celebrate) and best wishes for the New Year ahead.
— December 29, 2011 | Rebecca
I just want to say you have the best eggs in town. I will not buy them anywhere else knowing they are healthier for you. Also your corn was so good this year. I am so glad I froze some to have for this winter. Your doing a wonderful job.
— December 26, 2011 | Dawn