I can’t speak more highly of pullets we purchased from you. They are healthy, friendly, pretty, and productive. We have had a small flock for many years and these were the easiest birds I have ever had to acclimate. Thanks!
— June 12, 2015 | Steve
Dear Moser Family, Thank you so much for the beautiful hens!!! This is our first foray into owning hens. We purchased six on May 25th. The entire experience was fantastic. My daughter and I had a great ride up to your beautiful farm. Angie was very helpful and offered assistance if I ever have any questions. Our “girls” have been home now for a week and have quickly acclimated to their new environment. They are all very sweet and healthy. I am happy to report that Gladys gave us our first egg today. And it’s huge! Thanks again. Looking forward to expanding our flock next year and if we do so, we will certainly be purchasing again from the Mosers!!!
— June 3, 2015 | Michelle M
I am so happy with my 4 girls! They are now about 23 weeks old and are all laying eggs. They are all so friendly and happy. Thanks again!
— May 16, 2015 | Jenna C.
I want to thank you so much for all the information you shared with my wife and I and for showing us your amazing farm. It was a pleasure to meet such a nice family and to do business with a local farm. Our chickens have been laying for a few weeks now and we are very happy customers with 4 very happy chickens!!!
thanks again.
— May 11, 2015 | Scott & Amanda Leonard
Thanks so much! Your farm is beautiful and we appreciate the time you took with us today to go over basic chicken 101 :) ! The girls have settled in to their new coop and seem happy with our little yard. Surprisingly they didn’t even mind when my pugs came to check them out. They are very docile and gentle. We will definitely be back next year.
— April 25, 2015 | Maggie
I want to thank Jon and his family the chickens I’ve gotten from him have been great the one I just received this year are laying already only nineteen weeks old, there small but they will get bigger and I’m very happy. Thanks!
— April 20, 2015 | Kris
I picked up three 16 week pullets at the end of March. They are very friendly and allow me and my 4 year old son to pick them up. 2 out of the 3 just started laying eggs within the past few days. They don’t seem bothered by my chickens. They are a great addition to my flock.
— April 14, 2015 | Chrissy
We absolutely love our birds. They are very friendly and fit in well with our others. I can’t wait until they start laying eggs.”
— April 13, 2015 | Serenity Goodell
Purchased 6 pullets last Spring from Jonathan and his family. It has been a great experience raising these animals and gathering lots of eggs every day. I am expanding my flock, picking up four more tomorrow. I love all my birds but cutlet and nugget are my favorites :)
— April 3, 2015 | Paul
I would like to say thank you to Jon and his family the two chickens I received last year give me a egg a day and have been great, that’s why I went back this year for more and there getting comfortable in there new home. Thanks again
— April 1, 2015 | Kris
Got our five hens today and they are the sweetest birds you could ever meet, they were so handleable. Happy to start our flock with some of Jons birds!
— March 28, 2015 | Emily
Another Trip to the Farm. Jon is great, met me during the week b/c weekends are difficult for me because of work. If you have small kids, weekend pick ups are fun, lots of friendly people. This was my fourth trip to this farm to get hens and they are healthy, active and great layers. All of the hens I just picked up enjoy being held and are social, great for my kids. I’ll keep going back. We started with four and slowly expanded, we are up to 20 hens and love em. Thanks Jon!
— March 24, 2015 | Mike B
We got our first chickens ever last spring from this family farm. What a wonderful experience! The hens were very healthy and super friendly and always ran to greet me (or look for treats) when I came out to them. We started with 4 and it was perfect! We are coming back for 5 more next week :)
— March 23, 2015 | Heidi B
I have been meaning to write this for about a year..... We got our first hens last March. I was not sure how it would go. We love our chickens...every morning has been like Christmas wondering how many eggs we are going to get (a lot!). They are so easy to take care of and friendly. We added more to the flock in the fall and it went pretty well thanks to some advice from Jon. They laid all winter and are finally able to get out of their coop now that the snow has melted. We’ll be back in a few weeks for 4 more.
— March 18, 2015 | Sarah
Jon, Those 2 hens I picked up for pets on Christmas Eve have been great. Thanks for being so helpful and informative. Hoping to come back for another in the near future.
— January 6, 2015 | Juan G
Just got a couple nice chickens from Jon today. Already laid an egg! They’re acclimating to their new environment and doing great. Thanks Jon & family for your help and guidance with them.
— October 29, 2014 | Anthony Tata
What a beautiful family farm. I just picked up three 17 week old pullets. They are healthy and acclimated to our existing flock flawlessly. Since they were raised by a family with a hand full of children, the hens a very docile and great with our two little ones.
— September 30, 2014 | Michael
The oats and molasses in the feed are evident in the eggs, a nice hint of heartiness and sweetness.
— June 28, 2014 | Gary
We purchased 12 pullets from Jon and they are all acclimating wonderfully. The small farm was picturesque and all of the animals looked happy and healthy. Jon was very helpful and accommodating with scheduling the pick-up. I would definitely recommend purchasing from him and will do so again in the future.
— June 7, 2014 | Rachel
Our family had such a wonderful time! Jon and his family were warm and welcoming. Our daughters pet a cute little chick, marveled at the ram, and enjoyed seeing the chickens run about. The eggs were delicious and brought back fond memories all week long!
— May 1, 2014 | Jim and Alison O'Donnell
Purchased our 6 pullets April 19th. I have an animal care business and have cared for clients chickens but these are my first very own girls. What a fun experience. Everyone was so friendly and so helpful and we could see the animals were all lovingly cared for. I did a lot of research and decided on purchasing them here hoping the transition would be seamless and it certainly was. They are beautiful healthy girls and we are having so much fun with them. They are so calm and friendly and all get along very well. They are letting us know they would really like more area to roam. They currently have a coop in a fenced in section about 12 X 20. We had hoped to be able to allow them free access of our fenced in yard but our Great Dane is WAY too excited about them so we are waiting for some more fencing to be delivered so we can make them an expanded area to roam. We could not be happier with our girls and will recommend others to the farm for sure. Of course we will be back when we are looking for more. Thank you so much!!!!
— April 26, 2014 | John & Pam Bouchard
Very easy and friendly transaction!! The pullets are beautiful and calm. This is my first time with backyard chickens and I am enjoying it immensely! I will definitely get my pullets from here again and recommend them highly! Thanks!
— April 18, 2014 | Donna DeBoer